AGA New Member Discount!

Club participation is free for anyone. But a few things require AGA membership:

  • Playing AGA rated games at the club (you can play unrated games no matter what).
  • Playing in AGA tournaments.
  • Getting the AGA journal and other amazing resources.
  • Supporting the organization that supports Go across the US, and therefore being extra awesome.

AGA membership is between $10 per year for “youth,” (age 0-22) to $30 per year. Right, not expensive. New members 22 and older can get the $15 version by contacting the club.

Never been an AGA Member? No problem!

Whether you’re a new member, or a lapsed member, or transferring from another club, use the form below to get in touch. We’ll send you a voucher for super-cheap membership if you’re new, or help you get set up otherwise. Thanks for being a member!