Welcome to the Tampa Go Club! Go is a strategy game, also known as Baduk (Korea) and Weiqi (China). In English, we use the Japanese name for the game, “Go.” You can download our printable overview of the game, or look for player resources in the side menu.

Go is a strategic board game. It is thousands of years old, and easy to learn. Despite the simplicity of the rules, strategies in the game run deep. Go on a 19×19 board can not be “brute forced” by a computer program; not until quantum computing is a mainstream technology, at least. It was not until Google used advanced machine learning and immense computing resources to simulate human decision making that a Go program was able to beat a professional player. Those familiar with AlphaGo know the story.

This site will serve as a resource for Go players, or those interested in the game.

Additionally, we’ll post local meetings for the Tampa Bay area (especially our own club meetings), and other nearby Go events and tournaments if we find out about them.

Be sure to check out the other pages on this site for news, events, contact information and more. You can find a navigation menu near the top of the page.

Learn to play Go, and play online with OGS.